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Good question.
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Mission Statement

Create TV/Web series/Shorts/Features that are rich with underlying Christian theology, morals and themes; what we call "Visual Parables".

When the Lord Jesus Christ wanted to reveal "things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world", he used parables.  At the surface a parable is a story about a boy who is sick of living with his father so he demands his inheritance and leaves; or it's a stranger traveling a harsh road when he is overwhelmed by aggressors and left for dead. But at its core it reveals undeniable truths.

We are following in the Lord's footsteps.

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Here are our latest productions

The Mediator
Nominated for the 168 Film: Best Film, Best International Film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Musical Score and Best Director

The Mediator from Amir Shehata on Vimeo.

Eternity Tomorrow The Series