Future Projects

All the movies we make are shown on the Christian Youth Channel (CYC).

CYC has many useful programs, so it's worth checking it out...

Our future projects will end up there, but of course you can always access them for free on this site...

So what do we have ahead of us, you ask.  Well, I'll discuss the details on our blog... but here are the titles of the projects we have lined up:
  1. Communication Problems (Completed)
  2. Little things (Completed)
  3. The Promise (Completed)
  4. Turning Point (completed)
  5. The Mediator (Currently being judged in 168 Film Festival)
  6. Untitled Robot Feature (Working on the story outline. Will only move into production if there is funding)
  7. Untitled Robot Short Trilogy (3 Sci-Fi shorts which run in the same world where Robots are starting to be more prominent. Currently, only a concept)

Follow our blog to keep up with our progress on these projects and new ones that'll come up.