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Wardrums Trilogy

Maggie shows up at a church with her memory wiped out. She doesn't remember anything from her past. Hurt and in need of help, Nathan and his wife Kathy decide to take her in for the night, hoping that things will clear up the next day... But things don't go as expected. Soon mysterious events start happening. Diana goes missing. Paul, who was the last one to see Diana, feels guilty to have let this happen and embarks on a mission to find her. Maggie, not willing to remain alone, goes with him and to her surprise discovers that she possesses unique powers, which allow her to quickly find Diana. Behind the scenes, is a mysterious man, who is determined to set in motion a series of events that will propel Paul, Maggie and Diana into a war, which effects could have far reaching consequences.

Wardrums I: Prelude to Battle
Wardrums II: For we are Many
Wardrums III: Unseen Warfare